About Us


Elisabeth Moning, CEO, has more than 40 years of experience in the responsible management of private client assets. In her many years in senior positions in international private banking, she has acquired the indispensable knowledge required to deal successfully with the opportunities and risks of the financial markets. Competence, experience and exceptional commitment to investment success are the basis for individual and reliable service, which she has been providing as an independent asset manager for more than 20 years.


Hans R. Moning, Dr. sc. techn. ETH, is responsible for the areas of digitalisation, technical analysis, risk management and communication. Due to his previous research work at the Institute for Behavioural Sciences at ETH and as a systems engineer at a company in the IT industry, he is ideally qualified for the ongoing expansion of our extensive range of tools for technical analysis of markets as well as financial instruments. This includes innovative methods from the fields of AI and behavioural finance, on which our company is working in cooperation with external specialists.