Monitoring of Financial Markets

Already some years ago we have started to invest to build up an extensive set of digital tools for automatic determination of market opportunities and risks using algorithms specially developed by us.

  • This approach allows us to detect within a few minutes in hundreds of shares those with potential for beneficial price movements. For this purpose we use sophisticated combinations of indicators and efficient computer programs that have been tried and tested over time.
  • Equally we can pursue an efficient risk management by continuously monitoring our portfolio equities in order to recognize changes of tendencies at an early stage.
  • Thanks to systematisation and digitalisation by applying multivariate methods of statistics we are able to spot chances and risks quickly and efficiently.

The modern digital equipment is for us the basic prerequisite for remaining successful in increasingly complex and incalculable markets.

With our analysis-cockpit (left screen) we collect information about the development of relevant single as well as aggregated indicators at one glance. In parallel we also follow wave movements of price trends (right screen)